Camps being organized from city to rural area, special campaign will run till May 18. Camps being organized from city to rural area, special campaign will run till May 18

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According to the instructions of the government in Farrukhabad, Ayushman cards are to be made for beneficiaries without Ayushman cards covered by Ayushman Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya and Chief Minister Jan Arogya Yojana campaigns. The campaign has started for making golden cards of the beneficiaries identified in Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance Scheme.

During this period, golden cards will be made by the public service center operators by setting up village wise camps and Ayushman cards will also be made in the respective listed hospitals, which will be completely free. This campaign will run till May 18. This is to say of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Satish Chandra.

The CMO said, everyone should get their golden card made during the campaign, do not delay and take advantage of this scheme. Under the card, the beneficiary gets free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh, he said.

Antyodaya card holder associated with the scheme
Dr. Deepak Kataria, the nodal officer of the program said, all Antyodaya ration card holders have been added to this scheme. Apart from these, the beneficiaries identified earlier can get their Aadhar card, ration card etc. to get a free golden card made by visiting any public service center operator and Ayushman friends in the hospitals listed under Ayushman scheme.

Through Golden Card, free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh is provided per family per year to the beneficiary in case of admission in all the listed private or government hospitals. During the campaign, the achievements will be reviewed daily and the field personnel of various departments in coordination with the regional ASHA are motivating the target beneficiaries to visit the Ayushman Card Camp on the appointed date and place of the camp.

1450 diseases will get treatment
The nodal officer said that a total of 1450 diseases have been included under the scheme, in which the facility of free treatment ranging from diarrhea, malaria etc. to cancer is available in various Ayushman empaneled hospitals of the state.

Cards started making from a day ago
DPC Dr. Amit Mishra said that from May 4, the work of making Ayushman Golden Card has started in the district. In which other departments are coordinating with the health department and coordinating in getting the Ayushman card made. In these, village head, kotdar, panchayat assistant, Anganwadi and ward members in urban areas, Anganwadi etc. are cooperating. He said, Ayushman cards of 7,80,629 people are to be made in the district, relative to which 1,95,725 people have got their golden cards made so far. On the first day of the campaign, golden cards of 76 people have been made by organizing camps.

7493 people took advantage of the scheme
Dr. Amit said, so far 7,493 people have benefited under this scheme. Under which about Rs 6,59,24,038 has been paid by the government. All Antyodaya ration card holder families of the district and their members should get their Ayushman card made soon by taking their Aadhar card and ration card to any nearby common service center or registered hospital, so that if needed, they get free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh. The facility can be availed in the registered hospital.

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