Canal water filled in the fields in Sultanpur, 3 days have not stopped harvesting | Canal water filled in the fields in Sultanpur, 3 days have not stopped harvesting

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Crops that were submerged by negligence.

In Sultanpur, the farmer was already weak with irrigation and seeds and fertilizers. Now a new trouble had come to his head. The matter is related to Jaisinghpur Tehsil area of ​​the district. Where canal water has flooded farmers’ fields and crops have been destroyed.

ruined crop

In fact, farmers irrigate their crops with the water of Sharda Sahayak Khand-16 canal passing through Jaisinghpur tehsil area. In order for water to reach the farmers’ fields easily, many Rajbhas and minors have been removed from Sharda Sahayak Khand-16 canal. But due to the lack of maintenance, hundreds of bigha crops of the farmers of the area are getting ruined due to the cutting and booming of rajbhos and minors.

Farmers stopped harvesting

There was a problem of seepage for the last one week near Chandpur village in Kurebhar Rajbaha passing through Semri area. Several bighas of crops of dozens of farmers have been submerged due to the flood of water and the cutting of Kulaba. Even after complaining several times, the officials of the canal department did not pay attention to this. The farmers themselves somehow stopped the harvesting by working hard.

loss to these farmers

Ram Narayan, Vipin Dubey, Umapati, Ramapati, Vijay Kumar, Thakur Din, Rajesh Kanojia, Swaminath, Suresh, Anantu and many other farmers of Chandpur including wheat, peas, mustard and sugarcane crops are full of water. Due to stagnation of water in the fields, there is a danger of ruining the crops of the farmers. Farmers are engaged in extracting water from the field by putting motors day and night to save their crops.

Hearing not done even after complaint

The farmers of the village say that complaints were lodged several times. Despite this, no hearing was held. Light Accountant Som Prakash Mishra told that the loss of farmers is being assessed. Assistant Engineer Sharda Assistant Division-16 Devendra Singh said that he was not aware of the matter. The matter is being looked into.

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