Captain of Team India said – When I wear white shoes during batting, I get a lot of runs

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  • Indian Captain Virat Said I Prefer Wearing White Shoes While Batting

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Kohli has scored 11,867 runs in 248 ODIs at an average of 59.34.

Virat Kohli has said that the white shoe is lucky for me. I especially like wearing white shoes while batting. He said this during a chat on Instagram with Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola. He said that when I go for batting, all my focus is on batting.

Kohli asked Guardiola what color shoe he preferred to play during his playing days. In response to Kohli’s question, Guardiola said, “When I used to play, all my shoes were black. One day when I was wearing a red colored shoe at the match, my mentor and manager Johan Cruyff saw it. They then asked me to wear black shoes. But now I have a hard time getting a black shoe.

Football match friendly match without fans

Guardiola said that football matches are not fun without spectators. Football matches seem like friendly matches. Guardiola also appealed to the FIFA Federation to allow people to come to the stadium. He said that if everything goes well then people in the stadium should be given permission to watch the match. We are missing the fans a lot.

Kohli has scored 11,867 runs in ODIs

Kohli played his first international match in 2008. So far Kohli has scored 7240 runs in 86 Tests at an average of 53.64. In 248 ODIs, Kohli has scored 11,867 runs at an average of 59.34. Kohli is also the captain of IPAil’s team Royal Challengers Bangalore.


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