Career Direction: Show your skills on animation story like Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, Jungle Book, chance for course after 12th, you will get great salary

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  • Show Your Skills On Animation Story Like Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, Jungle Book, After 12th You Will Get A Chance, Initially You Will Get 15 Thousand Salary

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big market for animation in india

A lot of possibilities have arisen in the field of animation during the last few years. Animation is a field based on creativity. This creativity depends on fine art, sketching etc., so only people who are creative and have good presentation can make a career in it. The urge to work continuously on the same project for hours and to create something new can make it successful in this field.

TVs, magazines, newspapers, billboards, computers, etc. are all running with the help of multimedia. Animation related to this is also developing. A huge market for animation has been established in India. In the coming 6-7 years, about 70 percent of the jobs will be from multimedia, so the youth must think in this direction.

Courses can be done after 12th

For animation course, it is necessary to have at least 12th pass. After that you get admission in graduation or diploma course. Students with arts side can also take admission in it. The reality is that art knowledgeable students get a lot of due support. Admission to Masters courses is available only when the student has a bachelor’s degree.


To advance in this field, the student should have a good understanding of colours, shapes and proportions. An animator has to coordinate with the writer, voice over actor, sound technician and music composer.

There are courses from certificate to degree

Various courses are available related to animation at undergraduate, postgraduate diploma, advanced diploma, PG diploma and certificate level. In these, information is given in Animation Art, Graphic and Animation Principles, Production Process, Character Design, 2D and 3D Animation, Visual Communication etc.

Salary starts from 15 thousand rupees

Most companies pay animators based on grades, such as P-1, P-2, P-3, P-4 and P-5. Among them, the newcomers are considered to be animators of P-5 grade. At this level, they are given a salary of Rs 12-15 thousand per month. After two years of experience, he becomes a team leader and after five years of experience he becomes a supervisor. He gets 20-25 thousand as team leader while 40-45 thousand per month as supervisor. There is no fixed income limit for freelancing or working as a project.

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