Career Option: If you want to become a professional in animation, then do specialization, from entertainment to advertising, you will get immense opportunities

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  • If You Want To Become A Professional In Animation, Then You Will Get A Lot Of Opportunities From Specialization, Entertainment To Advertising.

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After Kovid, animation is one of those sectors in which the trend of youth is increasing rapidly. However, the skills required in this sector have also changed. Earlier opportunities were available in this field on the basis of diploma. But now diploma is not enough for career here. Experts say that degree is better for a strong career in animation. Actually, the general diploma course of animation introduces you to the basic rules of this field. You will be able to learn the nuances only from specialization.

Now in this field like medical, engineering, preference is being given to such students who have done specialization in any one branch of animation along with graduation and who are fully skilled to work in this sector. Just as in other fields, you have to do in-depth study of every aspect related to the subject, the same seriousness is now demanded here as well. For admission to various courses in animation, some institutes take entrance exams, while some institutes look at your creative portfolio. Know about the opportunities available in the animation field.

You will get enough job opportunities here

Job opportunities for students in animation field are not limited to entertainment sector only. The use of animation is increasing in every sector. Even in the medical field, through animation, many times doctors try to understand how the accident might have happened. Similarly, in news channels too, many times an incident is shown through animation. Apart from this, there are job opportunities in gaming industry, software company, insurance, e-commerce companies, movie production. In these sectors you can work as animator, modeler, cleanup artist, 3D animator, image editor, lighting artist, key frame animator.

Prepare yourself from 12th itself

If you want to go into medical and forensic animation then biology stream can be better for you. On the other hand, if you have not decided any specialization, then arts stream can be the best option for animation.


B.Sc in Animation is a good option. It covers from basic topics of animation to professional topics. Along with animation, you will also get knowledge of film, television, VFX, advertising and gaming industry from this course.

Creating new characters will increase the possibilities

Experts believe that such characters should be made in India, whose demand is not only in India but all over the world. However, work on this has been going on for the last few years. In such a situation, for the next several years, there will be a plethora of career options in this field. If worldwide hit characters like Mickey Mouse are made in India too, then money will come from many countries in the Indian animation sector.

Management also has options

There are many students who understand the basics of the subject but they are not interested in subjects like 3D, graphics. For such students also there are opportunities for management related work like recording management. Apart from this, there are also good opportunities for production management professionals in the advertising industry.

apply here

1. Quantum Institute of Media Studies and Design

2. Manipal University

3. IIFA Lancaster Degree College, Bangalore

4. St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata

5. Picasso Animation College, Noida

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