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Becoming a tattoo artist is one of the most prospective job opportunities in 2023. A lot of individuals are realising their artistic potential and opt to choose to tattoo as a means to unleash their creativity on their skin. However, it requires extensive training and precision to become a reputable tattoo artist in the industry. Here are some tips for beginners to start their journeys as tattoo artists:

Eligibility Criteria

Ace your base

Having a base in any art form like drawing, sketching, painting, etc. is one of the most vital requirements. An aspiring tattoo artist is very passionate about creating their own artwork and showing it off to the world.

Get certified by a reputed institute

Taking up an apprenticeship will help you get hands-on experience and proper mentorship from a seasoned artist. However, the safest option would be to enroll in a tattoo school or institute for faster progress.

Build your portfolio

Your portfolio is a collection of your best work, so it should be as innovative as possible to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Schedule one or two free tattoos a month with challenging designs to hone your skills.

Be a good communicator

Interacting with clients is a significant aspect of being a tattoo artist. Good communication skills, understanding clients’ desires, and being able to provide recommendations and explanations are essential for a successful career.

Maintain a high level of professionalism

Tattoo artists should maintain a high standard of professionalism and behave ethically. Creating a pleasant and welcoming environment, upholding confidentiality, and respecting customers’ requests are all crucial facets of the work.

Key Responsibilities of A Great Tattoo Artist


Get together with your clients prior to their appointment to discuss their tattoo ideas. Some clients don’t have a fixed brief so it’s up to the artist to ask them relevant questions to create a design that would be flattering to them.

Design and Preparation

The design and placement should align with the client’s expectations. Demonstrate artistic talent and skill in translating clients’ ideas into visually appealing and well-executed tattoos.

Health and Safety

Adhere to strict hygiene and sterilisation practices to prevent cross-contamination and infection. Stay informed about local health and safety regulations, and ensure that you comply with all applicable laws and standards.

Client Relationships

Build and maintain positive relationships with clients, foster loyalty, and repeat business through exceptional customer service. Word of mouth is the fastest way of getting more clients so it’s important to go beyond your means to provide the best service to your clients.

Client Comfort

Prioritise client comfort and safety during the tattooing process. Manage pain and discomfort through appropriate techniques and numbing options. Address any issues or challenges that might arise during the tattooing process, such as skin reactions or discomfort, with professionalism and expertise.

Continuous Learning

Stay updated on industry trends, new techniques, and emerging technologies to continually improve your skills and offer a wide range of tattoo styles. Continuously update and expand your portfolio to showcase your skills and attract new clients.


A tattoo artist deals with a wide variety of clients with different skin shades and types. It’s important to modify designs as needed to suit individual anatomies.

Time Management

Manage appointments efficiently to ensure that clients are served in a timely manner without compromising the quality of the work. Not being punctual for your appointments without unavoidable circumstances leaves a bad impression.

Aftercare Guidance

The actual quality of the tattoo can only be determined once it has healed properly. Provide clients with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure that the tattoo heals well and the longevity of the tattoo increases.

Salary Expectations

Entry-level artists start out with small and simple tattoos, making around Rs 20,000 a month. Their experience is usually very limited and they balance their tattoo artistry with other sources of income.

Seasoned artists who have upgraded their skills and have a few years of experience in the industry can make upwards of Rs 2-3 lakhs a month. They are usually either employed by a studio or have their own studio and work closely in a small team.

Highly skilled and established tattoo artists who have developed a unique style amassed a substantial client base and gained recognition in the industry can earn seven or eight-figure incomes. These artists also make additional sources of income by offering other services like seminars, merchandise, or collaborations.

— Written by Sakshi Panwar, Aliens Tattoo Art School (ATAS)

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