Cases related to bank, claim, accident will be heard | Cases related to bank, claim, accident will be heard

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National Lok Adalat will be organized in Meerut on May 14. In this court, matters related to bank, claim, insurance, accident will be heard. District Legal Services Authority secretary Anju Kamboj said that on the instructions of Uttar Pradesh State Legal Services Authority, Lucknow and National Legal Services Authority, New Delhi, National Lok Adalat would be organized on 14 May 2022 (Saturday).

Settlement will be done on the basis of conciliation agreement
All the cases related to bank, claim, insurance and others will be heard in this court. Under the guidance of District Judge, Chairman, District Legal Services Authority, Meerut, such cases pending in all courts (which are uploaded on National Judicial Data Grid) will be settled on the basis of mutual conciliation agreement. Criminal compoundable suit, Section 138 Negotiable written act, Bank recovery suits, Motor accident compensation petitions, Labor disputes, Water and electricity bills (except non-compoundable suits), Matrimonial disputes (except divorce/divorce), Land acquisition suits, Salary related Disputes and disputes related to retirement benefits, revenue suits (pending in District Court and Honorable High Court only, civil suits (rent, easement litigation) and Section 138 NI Act cases at prelitigation level, bank recovery cases, labor disputes, water and Disposal of electricity bills (except non-compoundable cases), other (criminal compoundable suits, matrimonial and other civil suits), prelitigation cases etc. will also be done.

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