Caught stealing in contract, cash and stolen bike were recovered in CCTV. Caught stealing in contract, cash stolen bike recovered in CCTV

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Surajpur police have arrested three vicious thieves who entered houses and liquor contracts in Greater Noida during vehicle checking. The police have recovered the stolen Sabbal, 44 thousand cash and two motorcycles and other items from them.

Surajpur police station in-charge Awadhesh Pratap Singh told that Surajpur police station was checking vehicles near Tilpata Gol Chakkar. Then the police saw three suspects coming on two bikes. After which the police stopped them and interrogated them. During this, the police caught Rizwan, Sajid and Majid, residents of Bulandshahr. These vicious thieves used to commit incidents of theft in closed houses and shops by breaking their shutters.

Theft was done in the English liquor shop
The arrested thieves told during interrogation that on the night of last 15 November, the incident of theft was carried out by them in the English liquor shop at NTPC mode of Badalpur police station area. Along with this, he did the second incident on November 20, where he broke the shutter of the country liquor contract in Jagat Farm Market of Beta 2 police station area and stole 84 thousand cash and also a motorcycle. During the theft in the liquor contract, the thieves were caught in the CCTV camera.

Theft cases filed against all three
All three thieves have cases of theft in more than 3 dozen shops and houses in different police stations of the district. The police was looking for them for a long time. Those who have been arrested by the police today from Tilpata Gol Chakkar and sent to jail.

The accused were going to execute an incident
During interrogation, the thieves told that after coming from Bulandshahr, they used to reiki the closed houses and shops in Greater Noida and surrounding areas and then carry out the theft incident. After committing the theft incident, he used to go back to Bulandshahr and then after a few days, he used to come back here again and carry out the theft incidents. Even today they were going to execute some incident.

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