Caution advised against overuse of medicines

People have been advised against excessive use of medicines, as it may lead to many ailments, including mucormycosis.

Participating in a webinar organised by the Field Outreach Bureau (FOB) of the Central government on post-COVID issues related to head, nose, and throat on Thursday, ENT surgeon M.C. Pradeep Kumar also warned against the dangers of self-treatment.

He said excessive use of medicines and self-treatment could result in poor immunity. “A lot of people have been found to be treating themselves and taking medicines on the basis of information they get from social media. Many have been found consuming iron tablets without doctor’s prescription,” he said, warning that uncontrolled use of medicines could lead to negative results.

He advised people to ensure good sleep and rest and find ways to avoid stress post-COVID. “At least a month’s rest is needed after one recovers from COVID,” he said.

Field publicity officer Prajit Kumar M.V. and field publicity assistant C. Udayakumar spoke.

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