Curbing foreign students would damage the UK, universities warn

University bodies have warned Rishi Sunak that any plans to curb record immigration by launching a crackdown on foreign students would be โ€œan act of economic self-harmโ€.

International students may be barred from Britain unless they win a place at a top university under plans being considered.

The government also intends to bar foreign students coming to the UK to study โ€œlow quality degreesโ€, while new restrictions are also expected on students bringing family members with them after the number of dependents almost tripled in a year.

But the Russell Group, comprising Britainโ€™s leading 24 universities, warned that proposals to limit international students would damage the economy and Britainโ€™s reputation. It also said the move contradicts the governmentโ€™s International Education Strategy, which was launched in

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