CBSE Result 10th and 12th: Result of Term-1 exam likely to come in January, final result will be released after end of Term-2 exam

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  • The Results Of Term 1 Examinations Are Likely To Come In January, Finally The Results Will Be Released After The End Of Term 2 Examinations In March April 2022.

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The results of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 10th and 12th Term-1 exam will be released after the end of the board exams. The information related to this will be informed to the students soon by the board. The examinations for the main subjects of class X board were over on December 11. Class XII board exams will be over on December 22, 2021.

After the completion of the examination, the examinations of the students will be evaluated from the answer key. After the evaluation, the students will be given paper marks. It is expected that the results of Term-1 examinations can come in January 2022. Marks will be issued on the same basis by evaluating the answers of the students on the OMR sheet. The final result will come in March-April 2022 after the end of Term-2 examination.

Only marks of board exam will be released

The board has informed in its circular in October, 2021 that the marks of the subjects of the students will be released after the end of the 10th and 12th class board examinations of Term-1. No student will be put in the pass, compartment and necessary repetition category. At the same time, the board will release the final results of the examinations in March-April, 2022 after the end of the term-2 examinations. The board is conducting examinations for 114 subjects of class 12th and 75 subjects of class 10th. As a precautionary measure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CBSE has divided the examinations into two terms.

10th students started preparing for term-2 exam

After the end of 10th class Term-1 examinations, students have now started preparing for Term-2 examinations. Students have also prepared their own time table. They are repeating the chapters from now on, so that the syllabus of each subject can be completed on time. Many students are constantly getting information about the course from their teachers.

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