Central University faculty prepared crash course for students of rural areas who could not attend online class, will be broadcast from August 28 | Crash courses prepared by Central Universities for those who could not take online classes, will be broadcast on TV from August 28

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  • Central University Faculty Prepared Crash Course For Students Of Rural Areas Who Could Not Attend Online Class, Will Be Broadcast From August 28

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  • Swayambha will broadcast on 32 DTH channels
  • Faculty prepared a total of 300 hours of special lectures

During the lockdown, syllabus was completed through online classes in colleges and universities across the country. But, in the meantime there were many students who were unable to raise resources for online education while living in remote areas. This was the reason that a large number of students could not attend the class.

Faculty members of the Central Universities across the country are working together to prepare education content for these students. This content will be broadcast through the project ‘Swayam Prabha’ of the Union Ministry of Education.

It will be broadcast from August 28

Under this campaign, the faculty of Central University has recorded a total of 300 hours of lectures. IIT Madras has been made the coordinator of this campaign. The institute claims that faculty-produced lectures will start airing from August 28. These lectures are specially designed keeping in mind the students living in rural areas.

Made 40 hours of lectures 10 hours, so that students can learn quickly

Students now have less time to complete the syllabus. In such a situation, the lectures of 40-50 hours have been reduced to 10-15 hours. So that students can learn quickly. And to cover more syllabus in less time.

32 will be broadcast on DTH channels

The central government’s ‘Swayamprabha’ project consists of 32 DTH channels. Among these, only programs related to 24-hour education are broadcast through GSAT-15 satellite. A program repeats many times a day. So that students can attend the lecture as per their convenience.


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