Central University of Kerala suspends lab assistant

The Central University of Kerala has decided to suspend a lab assistant who was reportedly given the job bypassing the reservation quota.

The decision to suspend lab assistant K.V. Sudha was taken in the executive council meeting held recently. Ms. Sudha has been working in the university for the past seven years and her appointment was made to a post reserved for Other Backward Classes.

Following complaints raised against the appointment by Janardhanan Nair, the executive council of the Central University had referred the matter to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

The CBI had recommended the dismissal of the lab assistant to the university. Based on the CBI report, the executive council has decided to suspend Ms. Sudha and proceed with departmental action to terminate her service.

The university has also decided to issue a notice seeking her reply with regard to the decision.

The executive council also decided to take disciplinary action in consultation with the Central Vigilance Commission against Central Vigilance Officer M.C. John, who failed to report to the university about the CBI report that was sent in January. The council found that Mr. John had made a grave mistake by keeping the university in the dark about the report.


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