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Centre Says Playing Film Songs At Weddings Is Not Violation Of Copyright

Centre Says Playing Film Songs At Weddings Is Not Violation Of Copyright

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The central government has issued a directive stating that playing Bollywood songs at wedding ceremonies and other festivities will not result in legal action for copyright infringement.

This directive was issued in response to numerous complaints regarding the collection of royalties by copyright societies for the performance of Hindi film songs at wedding functions.

In a public notice, the Department for Promotion, Industry, and Internal Trade (DPIIT) said that it has received several complaints and grievances from the general public and other stakeholders about the alleged collection of royalties by the Copyright Societies for the performance of musical works in marriage functions in contravention of the letter and spirit of Section 52 (1) (za) of the Copyright Act 1957.

Section 52 of the act deals with certain acts that would not constitute an infringement of Copyright.

It said that Section 52 (1) (za) specifically mentions the performance of literary, dramatic, or musical work or of a sound recording in the course of any bona fide religious ceremony or an official ceremony as not constituting infringement of copyright.

Religious ceremonies include a marriage procession and other social festivities associated with marriage, it said.

In view of this, “Copyright Societies are directed to strictly refrain from entering into acts that are in contravention of Section 52 (1) (za) ” of the act “in order to avoid any legal action,” the DPIIT said.

It also cautioned the general public not to accede to any uncalled demands from any individual, organisation, or copyright society that are in violation of this section.

The decision is welcomed by the general public and the hospitality sector, which took the brunt of the pressure from various copyright organisations.

(With inputs from PTI)

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