Chairperson of U.P. Dalit unit arrested without a warrant, says Cong.

The Congress on Wednesday claimed that the chairperson of its Uttar Pradesh Dalit unit was arrested without a warrant late on Tuesday.

Alok Prasad, chairperson of the U.P. Congress Scheduled Castes department, was โ€˜arrestedโ€™ in the middle of the night without a warrant, said Ajay Kumar Lallu, State president.

โ€œThe Yogi government is staging conspiracies to hide its failures. It is incessantly oppressing Dalits and the deprived,โ€ said Mr. Lallu on Twitter.

The Lucknow police are yet to issue a statement or confirm if and why Mr. Prasad was detained or arrested.

Local TV reports said Mr. Prasad was detained over the self-immolation attempt by a woman from Maharajganj outside the BJP office in Lucknow on Tuesday. The woman was rescued by a police constable but suffered serious burns and was admitted to a hospital.


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