Changed himself according to the character for Salaar: Prabhas said- got a chance to work with the best director in 21 years

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Superstar Prabhas will soon be seen in the film 'Saalar Part 1- Ceasefire'. This film has been directed by Prashant Neel. Vijay Kirgandur is the producer of the film. This film is going to be released on 22 December. Prabhas had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar about the film and his professional life.

Question 1 – How did you say yes when you got the script of the film 'Salaar'?
Prabhas said- The first reason for saying yes to Salaar was Prashant Neel. When he narrated the script to me, there were a lot of commercial elements in it. The audience has never seen me in this kind of character before. He was preparing this script in the style he is known for. He was doing something good every month and finally he made a very good script. I think they've never done this before, I think they've added a lot of drama to this film and I found it quite exciting.

Question 2- Tell us something about your character in the film.
My character is very aggressive at some places. Rest of the time he is normal, he needs some trigger points to be aggressive. When the film starts, you can see its fierce form which is clearly visible in the trailer.

Question 3- How did you prepare for your character?
Prashant and I just worked together. I told them what I was thinking and they told me what to do. I told them some body language which I thought was right for the film. He also liked some of those parts. Before any important scene, we would talk and he would tell me that this is how I was seeing the character. It can be said that we used to do the workshop together in a relaxed and fun way. It was not like a workshop but like a friendly discussion.

Question 4- How was your experience of working with Prashant?
Prashant Neel is the best director in my 21 years of life. Fun and relaxing. I was impatient to know when he would call me for the shoot. More than going to the set or performing, I wanted to spend time with Prashant. This was the first thing that came to my mind and I had never felt this in the last 21 years. I felt this thing for a long time of 6 months, I think within a month we had become very close.

Question 5- How many days did it take to shoot your character?
Prashant Hero is a director. If I said I would come at this time, he was comfortable with that. Once the actors come on the set, like me, Shruti or Prithvi sir, there is no stopping anything. He makes them sit and not make them wait, but when you are on the set, his attention will be only on your shorts. This way I never had to wait on the set, even though we used to tell him that Prashant we will wait or sometimes I used to sit near him and talk to him at the monitor.

When I reached the first schedule, I don't remember what time, but then they stopped everything because the hero had entered. Now we will just take the hero's shorts. Then I told him, no problem, I have waited for half of my films. Like we do big films which have big setups, we wait for some time there, so it is normal, there is no problem in it. But these are such directors who do not keep their actors waiting. If he comes to the set he will shoot.

Question 6- What did you do for physical transformation in Salar?
Nothing special, Prashant wanted me to build muscles for the character, so I changed myself accordingly. It was a normal, not much transformation, which I have done in the last 21 years.

Question 7- What comes to your mind about a 'larger than life hero'?
The first problem is that the first film that people have seen other than Telugu is Baahubali. They all have seen superheroes so understanding what they like and what to give them from my side is a big problem. The second problem is that I cannot do Baahubali all the time, that thing will also not work, I will get bored.

In such a situation, what should I do and how much different can I do and that script should work and I should try something different so that the audience likes it. This is a very complicated thing. Everyone is engaged in research, the entire country is engaged in research. Actually 'Saalaar' is what they want, the kind of action commercial they want to see. So I don't think 'Saalar' is any kind of problem because it is what people want to see.

Question 8- Any memory related to the sets of Salaar…which you would like to share with our readers?
Prashant never allows his heroes to do any tough shots. He takes care of this thing. But a lot of blood has been used in the film. It was cold weather when we were shooting, you must have seen all these things in the trailer. That blood gets into your body from the film and because of the cold weather it becomes very cold, so this was a very tough part in the whole film.

Question 9- How mature are the fans after seeing the violence shown in films?
'Bahubali' is the most violent film, in which I might have killed some 100 people. But it was also liked by children. If the emotions of the film are not captured in the right way then it will not look right, but if you capture the emotions in the right way then it will be right. Like there is war in Bahubali, what will you do in war, you cannot play any game there but you will have to kill someone there. If you have written war then you have to do that. This is also a film which has a proper meaning.

After watching such a short, you will not feel that it is violence and this is because it is emotionally correct. There is nothing but emotions in this film. Like take 'Baahubali', it was made for revenge, which cannot be changed.

Question 10- What defines the difference between North and South films?
I don't see much difference, I have done a Hindi film 'Adipurush'. Om Rawat's planning for 'Adipurush' was very good, whereas in the South we plan things only during the shoot, so perhaps I have only done one film, so I don't know much.

Question 11- What kind of Prabhas will your audience meet in the film?
Definitely this time he will see a proper mass character. The audience has already seen it in Telugu but in Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and Tamil, they will get to see proper mass characters. Everyone may have seen the action but this is going to be a proper mass character. Earlier, when there was a Telugu audience, I was responsible only for them, but now I feel more responsibility on my shoulders.

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