Changing weather in Bhopal: Tomorrow will be dense fog; Nighttime mercury may reach 9 degrees Celsius, two days later relief

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Bhopal3 minutes ago

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  • Humidity continued to be 100 percent on Saturday

The cold has returned to Bhopal once again due to the cyclone created in the North East. Due to this, the mercury reached 11 degrees Celsius, while it would fall further in the next twenty-four hours. The minimum temperature can fall below 10 ° C to 9 °. The next two days will remain cold in Bhopal likewise. Meteorologist PK Saha said that the cyclone in the northeast and rain in many areas are having an impact on the weather of the capital. In the next twenty-four hours, dense fog may occur in many areas.

There will be relief after 8 February

Saha pointed out that the western disturbance is currently located in the north as a trough between the western and upper westerlies of the upper troposphere. Other cyclonic activities are active over northern Chhattisgarh. At the same time, a cyclonic circulation is over the eastern winds over southern Assam and from Sri Lanka coast to the equatorial Indian Ocean regions. For this reason, the next weak Western Disturbance from 8 February is likely to affect the upper Himalayan regions. Due to this, there will be an increase in temperature in Bhopal. However, just like this, less will continue to happen.

Tomorrow is a thick fog

There was a thick fog in Bhopal in the morning with night temperatures dropping. This reduced visibility to 50 meters. The night temperature dropped by about two and a half degrees to 11.1 degrees Celsius. It was about 1 degree below normal. The Meteorological Department has also predicted dense fog on Sunday. The nighttime mercury is expected to reach 9 degrees.

Temperature drop after three days

In the capital, heat was rising continuously for the last three days. The maximum temperature of the day had gone above 32 ° C, while the mercury of the night had also gone above 14 ° C. After three days, the temperature has been recorded. On February 3, the maximum temperature reached 32.7 ° C and the night’s minimum temperature reached 14.2 ° C.


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