Charu Asopa- Rajiv Sen got divorced: Rajiv said – love will always be there, four years of marriage were to be completed on June 16

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Television actress Charu Asopa and Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen finally got divorced. After a cooling period of 6 months, the final hearing of Charu-Rajiv’s divorce took place on June 8, after which both are legally separated. Rajeev himself has confirmed his divorce. After the divorce on Thursday, Rajeev shared a very emotional note posting a picture with Charu on social media.

We will always be our daughter’s parents
He wrote – There is nothing like goodbye. Two people just can’t handle each other. Love will always be there. We will always be her parents to our daughter. Rajeev and Charu are looking very happy in the shared picture. Rajeev hugs her from behind, while Charu holds her hand.

Charu talks about co-parenting
In an interview given to ETimes in the past, Charu had told how he has found a way to co-parent his daughter Gianna. She also said that she does not want her daughter to grow up in a bad relationship between her parents.
He had said, Gianna, Rajeev and I have a responsibility, she is our child. Rajeev can meet her whenever he wants. Charu had also told that she wants her daughter to see her parents respecting each other.

Charu and Rajeev got married on 16 June 2019.

Charu and Rajeev got married on 16 June 2019.

Rajeev talked about divorce, said – whatever happens, happens for the good
Rajeev Sen talked about his divorce in his youtube vlog. He had said, ‘You know that on June 8 there will be the last hearing of the divorce. My outlook on things has always been positive. Whatever is going to happen is for the good of me, my daughter and Charu. All I can say is that whatever happens, happens for the good.

Rajeev-Charu’s marriage was to complete four years on June 16.
Please tell that on 16 June 2019, Rajeev and Charu were tied in marriage. However, only a year later, quarrels started between the two. Both gave many chances to their relationship. Meanwhile in 2021, Charu gave birth to daughter Gianna.

On 1 November 2021, Charu's daughter Gianna was born.

On 1 November 2021, Charu’s daughter Gianna was born.

Rajeev-Charu filed for divorce at the end of 2022
A few months after the birth of the daughter, once again the quarrels started between the couple. Both decided to come together once again for the sake of their daughter, but it did not last long. At the end of 2022, both filed for divorce, while after a cooling period of 6 months, both are separating.

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