Cheating: Seema Pahwa’s ‘Ramprasad’s Thirteenth’ and ‘Paglat’ have many similarities, Director Bolin – I have been cheated

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  • Actor director Seema Pahwa Feels Cheated By Those Who Worked On Pagglait But Didn’t Tell Her Of Similarities With Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi

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13 minutes ago

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Actor-director Seema Pahwa says that some people working on her film ‘Ramprasad Ki Thirteenth’ were also crew members in the recently released ‘Paglat’. Seaman said that he was cheated on how he was still not informed about the similarities between the two films. Seema has given this information in a recent interview.

Ramprasad Ki Thirteenth was released on 1 January
Seema Pahwa’s ‘Ramprasad Ki Thirteenth’ was released in theaters on 1 January. At the same time, Sanya Malhotra’s ‘Paglat’ came on Netflix in March. Both films have a similar plot. Both of these films depict the story of a middle class family of UP who gather at the house for the funeral of a member of the house.

The similarities in the two films are ‘painful’ for me.
Seema Pahwa said that the similarities between the two films are ‘painful’ for her. He said, “We made ‘Ramprasad Ki Thirteenth’ in 2018 and also released the film at the first MAMI and other film festivals. ‘Paglat’ has come after it and it has some similarities to my film, seeing me There has been a lot of trouble. The location we shot was also largely the same. There are a lot of similarities between the characters as well. I thought it was because both films featured a middle class family story in which You want the same type of characters. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. But the location is also a problem, because the audience is confused about both the films.

There were also crew members of ‘Paglat’ who worked in my film.
Seema Pahwa went on to say, “There should have been some conversation between us. So that we could change some things to make the two films different. I was also at fault, because I came to know too late to make a film like ours. I was going. I feel cheated because some people working on ‘Ramprasad Ki Thirteenth’ were also crew members of ‘Paglat’ and they knew about the film. It was a little surprising. It is a matter of fact that they did not see it as a second chance and did not make any changes. I have not spoken to them so far, but it was shocking. “

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