Chenab Bridge: Before the ‘Golden’ Launch Today, Cross Journey Behind Making J&K’s Marvel With News18

In a significant achievement, the world’s highest single-arch rail bridge, constructed to link disparate parts of Jammu and Kashmir, will be launched today. The Chenab Bridge spans the Chenab River 359 metres above the riverbed.

The span is 35m higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and 84m higher than the current record holder for the world’s highest bridge, a 275m-high bridge across the Bepanjiang River in China.

As the world watches with keen eyes India’s ‘golden’ achievement, take a look at the special features of the bridge, to how it was built, through News18 lenses:

Chenab Bridge Ready: Mountains Moved, J&K Tourism May Soar With World’s Highest Rly Bridge

The Chenab bridge may prove a boon to Jammu and Kashmir tourism. Built by Afcons, the main deck slab of the Baramulla railway link project is higher than Qutub Minar, according to the authorities, which means it could be used as an adventure sports deck at a later stage. “The location of the bridge and the height of the deck make it an appropriate location for promotion of tourism and adventure sports such as bungee jumping,” said Mandar Karnik, Vice-President of Afcons. READ MORE

Breathtaking Photos of Jammu and Kashmir’s Chenab Bridge, World’s Highest Rail Bridge Taller Than Eiffel Tower

Thick fog encircles the beauty of the grand bridge, which stands as a testament to the grit of India and its will to do more. Look at breathtaking photos of the Chenab bridge, the world’s highest railway bridge, nearing completion at the time these photos were taken. SEE PICS

Chenab Bridge Gets Golden Joint

The bridge superstructure on the arch was incrementally being pushed from two ends of the Chenab River valley, and met at the middle of the arch. Giridhar Rajagopalan, Deputy Managing Director of Afcons, said the reason it is called golden joint is the intricacies in the coordinates to make sure it fits perfectly. Read more about the golden joint and the struggles encountered during the building of the bridge HERE.

This Video of World’s Highest Railway Bridge Over Chenab River in J&K Will Leave You Awestruck

Ministry of Railways had earlier shared a rare glimpse of the under-construction world’s highest Railway Arch Taking to social media platform, it tweeted: “India’s Unparalleled Engineering Feat! Watch the glimpses of the progress of the world’s highest Railway Arch Bridge over Chenab River.” CLICK HERE to view the video and read more about the bridge

Why Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Railway Project with Longest Tunnel is an Engineering Marvel

The Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Railway (USBRL) project is the Indian Railways’ most challenging work post-Independence, and News18 gives you a peek into its engineering marvel. The Chenab Bridge is situated at 359 metre above river bed, and is 1.32-km long, is expected to withstand winds of up to 266 km/h while remaining unaffected by grenade blasts. READ MORE

Anand Mahindra Thinks This Desi Location is the Perfect Spot for Next James Bond Film

The wonderful achievement has been attracting a lot of interesting takes across the country. One of these was when industrialist Anand Mahindra suggested the location to the makers of the James Bond franchise. Retweeting a photo of the breathtaking Chenab bridge from J&K, Mahindra suggested that it could be the perfect location for the opening scene of the next James Bond movie. READ MORE

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