Chhattisgarh Woman And Daughters Photos Viral By Her Friend In Bilaspur | Friendship with UP’s youth on social media, made pornographic photos of woman and her daughters of Bilaspur went viral

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Bilaspur3 minutes ago

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In Chhattisgarh, a woman from Bilaspur found it difficult to befriend a young man from UP. The young man edited the woman’s photo and made porn and started blackmailing her.

  • Torwa area case, blackmailed and demanded 10 lakh rupees, threatened to kill him
  • The accused edited the photo of the woman and her daughters from social media

A woman from Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh found it difficult to befriend a young man on social media. The young man edited the photo of the woman and her daughters by removing them from social media. Then started blackmailing by making pornographic photos. The accused demanded 10 lakh rupees from the woman. When the woman refused to give, the accused made the photo viral. After this, the woman lodged an FIR in the Torwa police station.

According to the information, the 42-year-old woman of Torwa was friendship on social media in 2018 with Emraan Hussain, a resident of Shahjahanpur, near Saqlain Madrasa in UP. Chatting also started between the two on WhatsApp. It is alleged that Imran took out the photo of the woman from social media and edited it and made it obscene. After this, he started blackmailing the photo threatening to go viral.

The accused has also been charged three times by intimidating the woman
Due to fear, the woman deposited Rs 10,000 in the account of the accused. Despite this, the accused came to the city twice and also recovered 10-10 thousand rupees from the woman. Then it also went viral. Now, by sending indecent photo photos of his daughters to friends, he is asking for 10 lakh rupees by threatening them to be infamous and viral. The accused has also threatened to kill him for not paying the money.

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