Chief Electoral Officer released voter list for 2022 uttar pradesh assembly election in which 8853 voters of third gender community also included. For the first time, 15 crore voters will cast their votes in the assembly, 19.79 lakh new names of 18-19 years old will be added.

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  • Chief Electoral Officer Released Voter List For 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election In Which 8853 Voters Of Third Gender Community Also Included

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Chief Electoral Officer Ajay Kumar Shukla.

On Wednesday, Chief Electoral Officer Ajay Kumar Shukla published the voter list and rules for the UP Legislative Assembly elections. This time around 15.02 crore voters will cast their votes in the UP Assembly. It has 8.04 crore male voters and 6.98 crore female voters. At the same time, 8,853 third gender voters will also cast their votes. This time 52.80 lakh voters have been added in the voter brief revision campaign, while the names of 21.40 lakh voters have been deleted.

He said that on January 1, 2022, the youth who have completed 18 years of age to become voters and those who have died. The Election Commission of India had launched a special brief revision campaign in the electoral rolls to remove their names. The commission received around 74 lakh applications. Out of these 52.80 lakh names have been added, while 21.40 lakh names have been deleted. Names of 19.79 lakh voters in the age group of 18 and 19 years have been added during the campaign.

3.89 crore young voters, 39 thousand voters above hundred years of age
The number of youth (18 to 30 years) is 3.89 crore out of total 15.02 crore voters in the state. The number of voters above 80 years of age in the state is also 24.03 lakh. The number of voters above 100 years of age is also more than 39 thousand.

868 women for a thousand men
In the last 10 years, the number of female voters has increased as compared to males in the state. At present there are 868 females against 1000 males. In the year 2012, there were only 816 females per 1000 males.

Number of booths was 1.74 lakh
Due to corona infection in the state, instead of 1,500 voters, one polling booth has been set up for 1,200 voters. This time the total number of booths is one lakh 74 thousand 351. Earlier the number of booths was one lakh 64 thousand 472. At the same time, the number of polling stations has also increased from 91 thousand 572 to 92 thousand 821.

Divyang voters number more than 10.64 lakh

The total number of disabled voters in the state is close to 10.64 lakh. Elderly voters above 80 years of age and differently abled are being given the facility of postal voting sitting at home in this Vidhan Sabha election.

Voter list released in the state last year

Voters in the year 2017 – 14.12 crore Voters in the year 2019 – 14.40 crore Voters in the year 2021 – 14.66 crore Voters in the year 2022 – 15.02 crore

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