Children reading from old books, people said – at stake is the future of children. Children studying from old books, people said – the future of children is at stake

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The month of September is about to pass, but books have not yet been provided to the students studying in many parishadiya schools of Shravasti. Due to which students are reading from old books only. Due to which the academic session is also lagging behind. However, the teachers say that according to the instructions of the mandate, till the new books come, the children will be taught from the old books only. In such a situation, the future of the children studying in the council school is at stake.

New books did not come to the school after the academic session started from July. Due to which the education of the children is getting hampered. However, in schools, teachers are teaching children from old books. The academic session is lagging behind due to non-availability of new books, yet the department is not paying attention to it. Books have arrived in some schools, but there are still many schools where books have not reached.

Students of council school of Shravasti are studying with old books.

Students of council school of Shravasti are studying with old books.

The book did not reach many schools
Tapan Kumar Mandal, teacher of Sanvilian Vidyalaya, said that books have reached schools in most places. Children are reading from new books. But till now there are many other schools along with his own school, Imliya Karan. Where the books have not reached.

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