Children’s eye clinic opened in Manipal

The paediatric ophthalmology and express ophthalmology clinics started functioning at the Kasturba Medical College Hospital in Manipal from Friday.

The paediatric clinic will provide exclusive comprehensive consultancy services for children. Treatment for issues like refractive errors, squints, cataract and lazy eye will be provided. Referral to other speciality clinics will be done. To make it convenient for children and parents, this clinic will run on a school holiday and will function every Saturday between 1.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. (except the third Saturday).

The express clinic will be on appointment basis only. Consultations here will have reduced waiting times. Those with common ailments such as eye irritation, redness of eyes (eye discharge) and change of glasses / retina evaluation without dilatation can approach the express clinic. Detailed work-up for cataract/glaucoma or retinal diseases will not be done here. For appointment, call 0820 2923780.


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