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Chilling Video Shows Tiger Attacking Calf Before Being Scared Away By Cow

Last Updated: April 24, 2023, 12:04 IST

The tiger eventually ran away after the calf was rescued by a full-grown cow. (Image Credit : Twitter/@susantananda3)

Shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda, the clip captures the apex predator trying to hunt down a calf in “human dominated habitats.”

A spine-chilling video of a tiger chasing a calf has prompted debate over wildlife conservation and suitable habitat for the apex predator. Shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda, the clip captures the tiger behaving unusually, which he believes could be an effect of the animal’s presence in a “human-dominated habitat.” The visuals are from an open field showcasing the wild animal hunting a cow calf. The tiger manages to catch its prey in a death grip but what happens next has left viewers shocked. In the clip, the big cat is on his move to attack the calf’s nape when its attention is drawn toward an adult cow moving in their direction. Tigers have, previously, shown their capability of taking down fully grown cows, but here the wild animal chooses to leave. When the tiger sees the cow approaching, he avoids any further conflict. The tiger releases its grip on the calf and chooses to run away at full speed. It is chased by the cow for quite a distance until the latter is sure of the calf’s safety. In the end, the domestic animal successfully manages to shoo away the apex predator.

Highlighting the animal’s unusual behaviour, the IFS officer noted, “India now has 75% of the world’s wild tigers, numbering around 3200. It will reach its carrying capacity soon until we are obsessed with numbers and make them pests in human-dominated habitats.” Take a look at the video here:

As soon as the clip surfaced online, animal lovers began dwelling deep into the root cause of the problem. A user highlighted, “Solution lies in growing more forests and in controlling forcibly our human population, not in restricting the population of wild tigers.”

Another commented, “Incident took place like a movie script. Interesting! Also, an alarming concern regarding the overlapping of habitat.”

“Never seen a tiger hunting like this one,” read another reaction.

Meanwhile, a user demanded, “It’s high time that we increase our Tiger reserves in our country.”

Till now, the video has been viewed by over two lakh people on the micro-blogging site.

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