China sending high-level team to Nepal to prevent ruling party split – Times of India

In a sign of growing unease in Beijing over the political crisis in Nepal, China is sending a high level delegation of the Chinese Communist Party to Kathmandu on Sunday to persuade the two warring factions of the Nepal Communist Party to stay together.
Nepali media reported that a delegation under the leadership of vice-premier Guo Yezhuo would be in Kathmandu to speak to all the political factions and leaders in Nepal’s ruling party to help them bridge their differences.
China’s move comes after Chinese ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi spent an hour with Nepalese President Bidya Bhandari trying to untangle the political mess precipitated by PM KP Oli’s step of dissolving the parliament.
China’s move shows not only its desperation, but that it can risk being seen to overtly interfere in Nepal’s politics. Beijing has felt emboldened by the overtures made by Oli himself. This is despite Oli’s reported statement last month asking foreign countries to stay away from Nepal politics, which was seen as aimed at China, particularly its ambassador who has been openly taking part in Nepalese politics. Reports from Kathmandu say the Chinese are offering large amounts of money to Nepali politicians to patch up.
India is watching the developments closely and with some apprehensions. New Delhi has stayed apart during the current political crisis but is surprised at China’s open involvement in Nepalese politics. “We will see how the process plays out, but it is an internal matter,” an official said


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