Chine japan news | Japanese government lodged a protest with China after two Chinese ships entered the waters near the Japan-administered islands | Chinese Coastguard ships enter Japan’s maritime border, Japan said – this action is not tolerated

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  • Chine Japan News | Japanese Government Lodged A Protest With China After Two Chinese Ships Entered The Waters Near The Japan Administered Islands

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China also claims the island of East China Sea.

A confrontation between Japan and China took place on Saturday. Japan says Chinese naval ships have infiltrated its maritime border. In this case, the government also lodged a protest before China. Japan said that Chinese army ships had reached the islands in their possession in the East China Sea. China has also claimed these. He repeatedly infiltrates this area.

A senior official of the Japanese Foreign Ministry said that this movement of Chinese ships is not tolerable. 2 ships of the Chinese Coastguard sailed to Senkaku Islands on Saturday. In China, they are known as Diaoyu. Chinese ships reportedly tried to stop Japan’s 2 fishing boats.

The Japanese Coastguard set off their ships to stop them. A Chinese ship with cannons was seen close to the Japanese border. Recently China has enacted a law. Under this, permission has been given to use and destroy weapons on foreign ships. This is the first case of infiltration since the enactment of this law.

China’s grandeur continues
A few months ago, there were reports that the Chinese army had increased the number of marines on the southeast coast adjacent to Taiwan. China has been removing old DF-11 and DF-15 missiles deployed here for more than a decade. They are being replaced by modern supersonic DF-17 missiles. These missiles can strike over long distances. The South China Morning Post claimed this in a report released by defense experts.

Fighter ship given to Pakistan
China has recently prepared a second naval fighter ship for its special friend Pakistan. As reported by the Global Times, it is equipped with improved radar systems and long-range missiles. This will increase Pakistan’s strength at sea. The Pakistan Navy had signed an agreement with China in 2017 to manufacture 4 warships of 054 A / P type. The first ship was built in August 2020.


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