Cleanliness on the controversial scene: Director Ayan Mukerji said – Ranbir did not enter the temple wearing shoes, it was a Durga Puja pandal

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The trailer of actor Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming film ‘Brahmastra’ has been released a few days ago. After the release of the trailer, Ranbir Kapoor and the makers were trolled fiercely on social media for a scene in it. Not only this, there is also a demand to boycott the film. Actually, in the scene about which Ranbir is being trolled, he is seen wearing shoes and going inside the temple. Now recently, the director of the film Ayan Mukerji has clarified this scene by sharing a post on social media and told why Ranbir is wearing shoes.

Ranbir wore shoes not in the temple, but in the Durga Puja pandal
Ayan Mukerji shared the post and wrote, “There were some people who were upset because of a scene in our trailer in which Ranbir’s character is wearing shoes. As the producer of this film, I want to tell you that Ranbir in our film. Not entering the temple, but entering the Durga Puja pandal. My own family has been organizing similar Durga Puja celebrations for 75 years. I have been a part of it since childhood. In my experience, we are just on the stage of the Goddess. But you take off your shoes before leaving, not when you enter the pandal.”

The film will release in theaters on September 9
Ayan further added, “It is special for me to reach out to every human being. Because above all, Brahmastra is a feeling that celebrates while respecting Indian culture, traditions and history. That’s why I made this film. That’s why. It is very important for me that this feeling reaches every Indian who is watching Brahmastra.” Let us tell you that apart from Ranbir Kapoor, apart from Alia Bhatt, Nagarjuna, Mouni Roy and Amitabh Bachchan are also in the lead role in ‘Brahmastra’. The film is scheduled to release in cinemas on 9 September.

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