Climbing COVID-19 fatality rate in Mysuru causes worry

Helpline toovercome any shortfall of medical oxygen and drugs needed for COVID-19 treatment


The climbing case fatality rate (CFR) in Mysuru has been a big cause for concern as the number of patients succumbing to the infection has gone up with about 63 deaths reported in a span of 13 days. Mysuru’s CFR stands at 4 per cent.

Minister for Health and Medical Education K. Sudhakar said focus has to be on controlling the deaths although many of the victims had complex co-morbidities and some had life threatening diseases.

He told reporters that late admissions to hospitals is one of the main reasons for the deaths. Some of the deaths occurred while the patients from other districts were being shifted to the hospitals here. The death audit had documented the reasons which will be verified and analysed precisely.

“We need to bring down the CFR rate with faster action,” he said, while replying to a volley of questions on escalating deaths.

Minister in-charge of Mysuru district S.T. Somashekar was present with the Health Minister.

Helpline for medical oxygen

Mr. Sudhakar said a decision had been taken to open a helpline at the Drug Controller’s Office here to overcome any shortfall of medical oxygen and the drugs required for COVID-19 treatment. “I have also told the department to make the COVID-19 War Room more proactive in view of the spike.”

Vaccination target

Vaccination is the only and the best remedy to fight the pandemic and also to effectively counter the virus’s different strains, explained Mr. Sudhakar, adding that 21 lakh people above 18 years of age had been identified for the vaccination for whom the immunisation will begin from May 1.

‘Role model’

The Minister said Mysuru has become a role model to other districts on vaccination as it stands number one in terms of the vaccination coverage. So far, 7 lakh people have been vaccinated.

Mr. Sudhakar lashed out at the Opposition for making false accusations on the vaccine and clarified that the Centre was not biased over the issue of supplying vaccines to the State. “Where did Rajasthan get the vaccine? From America is it,” the Minister asked, while hitting out at the critics of the BJP government for what he called baseless accusations. “I think we shall become small by way of making allegations and counter-allegations amidst the health crisis.”

30,000 oxygenated beds

The Minister said the number of oxygenated beds rose from 3,000 to 30,000 since the outbreak of the pandemic. Nearly 50 oxygenated beds had been made available in taluk hospitals and these beds will cater to the needs of patients from rural areas.

“This is an unprecedented situation and the government is doing its best to save lives and provide treatment. Such a pandemic situation was never seen in history. Even the developed countries were unprepared to face the pandemic and they too struggled to fight the disease. Only if all of us unite can we can fight the disease,” he said, replying to the allegations on the government’s failure to tackle the pandemic.


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