Clouds are in the sky since morning, people are troubled by the sultry heat. Clouds are in the sky since morning, people are troubled by the sultry heat

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It has been cloudy in Agra since this morning. It is expected to rain by evening.

The sky has been cloudy in Agra since Wednesday morning. According to the earlier forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of rain till this evening. Today the minimum temperature will be 27 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature will be 34 degree Celsius. In view of the possibility of rain, the humidity is increasing since morning. The heat had increased due to strong sunlight for the last two days. Due to the clouds in the sky today, the hide and seek of the sun is continuing since morning. There has been some respite from the heat as the sun has not come out. Talking about the last 24 hours, the maximum temperature in Agra was 35 °C and the minimum temperature was 27.1 °C.

Tourists got relief due to lack of sunshine
For two days, due to the humidity in Agra, it is getting worse. With the rising of the sun in the morning, the heat increased till the evening. On the previous day, tourists were seen troubled by the heat on the historical buildings like Taj Mahal, Sikandra etc. The sun was so strong that people had to use umbrellas. Today the sun is not coming out, so tourists are feeling relaxed.
Farmers eagerly waiting for rain
Farmers say that this time the rains have reduced. Due to lack of adequate rainfall in the monsoon season, the yield of the upcoming crops will not be good. In areas where the water is saline, farmers do most of the crops on the basis of rain. Bajra, Dhincha etc. have been sown. Farmers are eagerly waiting for rain to irrigate crops in places where there is less rain.

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