Clued In #168 | When you feel a cryptic clue is too hard to solve, remember #DefinitelyNot

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Whenever you see a clue — walking down the street, at the table across you in the restaurant, or even in a crossword puzzle — be prepared. Be prepared for looking at it in a variety of ways in order to understand it properly. Be prepared to change your initial take on it. Be prepared to accept that you were right in the first place after all.

Be prepared to order whatever the menu card displays. Be prepared to change your order in case there was a fire in the kitchen set off by the setter because she sensed you were getting too close to the answer for her comfort. Be prepared like the dish being served.


Everyman #3,854 | 1 Across

CLUE: Everyman would strain nerves around end of week (6)

Clue types: Abbreviation, cryptic

Definition: end of week

Answer: FRIDAY

Clue explained:

When you see a cryptic clue, just do one thing first. Take a deep breath. If you feel like repeating it, go ahead. Another deep breath never hurt anyone. Deep breaths are just like Lays chips, in a way.

You know that this is an Everyman puzzle. Which means it has been set by Everyman. So, when you see ‘Everyman would’ in the wordplay, you should hear it as spoken by the setter. That means you parse ‘Everyman would’ as “I would”, then abbreviate it as I’D, and then remove the redundant punctuation mark to give yourself an ID.

Another word for ‘strain nerves’ is FRAY. And ‘strain nerves around’ just means that FRAY is to be placed ‘around’ ID.

So, that means our 6-letter word for ‘end of week’ is FRIDAY. And whenever it is Friday, do say TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) because you just got your frayed nerves two blessed days to recover, recuperate and replenish before another week begins!

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