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CM Yogi reviewed the Public Works Department | CM Yogi reviewed the Public Works Department: Said – Inspect bridges older than 50 years, if not safe, stop traffic immediately – Lucknow News

CM Yogi reviewed the Public Works Department | CM Yogi reviewed the Public Works Department: Said – Inspect bridges older than 50 years, if not safe, stop traffic immediately – Lucknow News

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reviewed various projects of the Public Works Department on Thursday and directed to complete the construction works on time and with quality. During this, with the Minister of State for Public Works Department Brijesh Singh


CM Yogi held a review meeting with the Minister of State and officials of the Public Works Department.

Major guidelines given by the Chief Minister in the meeting ..,

● In the last 7 years, there has been an unprecedented expansion in the road connectivity of the state. Compared to the year 2017, today in 2024, the state highway has increased from 7002 km to 10214 km, while the length of rural roads has increased from 1,87,517 km to 1,93,581 km. Similarly, the network of major district roads and other district roads has also expanded.

Today, on an average, 9 km of roads are being widened/strengthened every day in the state and about 11 km of new roads are being built in villages every day. Considering the need for better connectivity for development, this pace of road construction in the state is unprecedented. Efforts should be made to improve it further.

● All the bridges in the state which have completed 50 years of age should be inspected thoroughly. The condition of their super structure/pier, blockage in the water-way of the bridges, scour holes on the side of the pier, the abutment slope and boulders of the bridge should be tested. If any bridge appears unsafe during inspection, it should be immediately closed for traffic. Inform the local district administration about this.

● In view of the upcoming Kanwar Yatra, the roads connected to it in the districts should be made 100% pothole-free. This work should be completed by July 15. Arrangements for drainage should be ensured on such roads where waterlogging occurs.

● The resolution to provide 02 lane road connectivity to the block headquarters should be fulfilled on time. It is satisfactory that the construction of 143 out of a total of 165 routes has been completed, the remaining work should also be completed as soon as possible.

● Complete the work of building grand gates on the roads falling on the interstate and international borders of the state at a fast pace. Where land is not available, immediately contact the local administration. Gates should be built on the border itself. They should be attractive and the lighting should also be good here.

● UP PWD was the first to use FDR construction technology in the country. In Unnao district, FDR work was done by recycling the old road and using cemented base and in Kanpur countryside, it was done by using additives. This was a good experiment. We should try to make half of the total roads in other districts using this technology. Adopt innovations.

● Keeping in view the annual increase in the current PCU on the road, the standards of widening of various categories of roads in the state should be further improved. The roads should be wider, this will make traffic more convenient. If there is erosion on the new road due to rain, then its repair should be done immediately.

● Be it a road or bridge or any other construction project related to the common man, its public importance must be assessed before giving approval. Balance is most important in development. First assess the need, decide the priority, then approve the construction of a road or bridge on the basis of merit. All 75 districts should get the benefit of development works.

● In the last 7 years, 395 projects related to public interest including 270 river bridges, 115 ROBs, 10 flyovers have been completed by the State Bridge Corporation. Experts should be deployed in Bridge Corporation, Public Works Department and State Construction Corporation. There should be no shortage of human resources anywhere. Capacity building should be done. Institutions like IIT should also be connected.

● Timeliness and quality must be ensured for every project. The start and completion date of the work must be ensured while finalizing the DPR and then it must be strictly adhered to.

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