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Comedian Shocks Crowd, Sucks Woman’s Feet Right In Front Of Her Husband And Regrets Later – News18

Last Updated: August 06, 2023, 18:00 IST

Comedian sucks woman’s feet in front of her husband. (Image Credits: Youtube)

Benjamin ‘Frenchy’ French, known for his crowd work, shocked everyone by sucking on a woman’s foot right, in front of her husband.

An Australian comedian recently made headlines for a bizarre and unexpected moment during one of his live shows. Benjamin ‘Frenchy’ French, known for his crowd work, shocked everyone by sucking a woman’s foot right, in front of her husband. During the show, things took a wild turn when he directed his attention to an older woman sitting in the front row and asked, “Hey honey, what’s your name?” and she introduces herself as Trish. Curious about her relationship status, he inquired if she was married, only to discover that she was accompanied by her husband, Steve and their daughter, Tara.

Frenchy asks Tara about her work and she reveals working in retail, while Trish mentions that her daughter worked in a shoe shop. The atmosphere gets awkward from there when the comedian asked Trish if she ever had her feet sucked on. Surprisingly, the woman responded with humour, saying, “Maybe. Why? Are you offering?” To the audience’s shock, Frenchy agreed, stating, “I’ll suck your feet. Don’t think I won’t.”

Benjamin French did not actually intend to do the act right away. However, in a bizarre twist, Trish starts taking off her shoes. Frenchy, clearly taken aback, tells the crowd, “She’s taking off the shoe. Nooo.” As the situation becomes increasingly surreal, Frenchy turns to Trish’s husband and asks if he was okay with him sucking her feet. To everyone’s surprise, Steve replies, “Go for it.”

After getting the go-ahead from her man, the comedian proceeded to suck her feet, leaving the audience in splits. However, the strange encounter didn’t end there. Trish revealed that she hadn’t washed her feet for a week. Regretting his decision, Frenchy then questions himself, “Why did I do that? It’s too early in the show to be sucking on a woman’s feet.”

To keep the humour alive he jokingly offers to suck the feet of Trish’s husband as well. However, Steve quickly denies his request.

The hilarious interaction between the comedian and the audience members continued when a woman from the crowd declares her love for him. In response, Frenchy asked if she wanted her feet sucked, only to receive a surprising comeback. She replies, “I’ll suck your toes,” leaving everyone laughing uncontrollably.

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