Compost removed by breaking the lock of the godown, sample sent for investigation. Compost removed by breaking the lock of the godown, sample sent for investigation

Rampur6 hours ago

In Rampur, the Agriculture Department team raided a closed shop and godown. 800 borers of spurious DAP fertilizer were recovered in raids conducted in Khod area of โ€‹โ€‹Azimagar. Seeing the opportunity, the makers of spurious fertilizers ran away.

A team of Agriculture Department raided a shop and godown in Azim Nagar police station area of โ€‹โ€‹Rampur. On the basis of information, the department raided the closed shop and godown. By breaking the locks of the closed shop and godown, a large number of fake DAP fertilizer bags were found inside.

District Agriculture Officer Narendra Pal said that around 800 bags of compost made for making artificial fertilizers have been recovered. Action is often taken against the people who make fake fertilizers, but the people involved in this work continue to make fake fertilizers. These are often acted upon.

Fertilizer samples sent to Lucknow for testing
The Agriculture Department team sealed the godown and the shop. Along with this, the team has sent the samples of manure to the lab. District Agriculture Officer Narendra Pal told that action has been taken many times. These people do the work of making fake fertilizers again and again. The team said that seeing the opportunity, all the accused fled away. The accused who made spurious fertilizers absconded. Whose search is being done with enthusiasm.

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