Concourse and roof level casting work is going on, will be completed soon. Concourse and roof level casting work is going on, will be completed soon.kanpur

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The district officer arrived to inspect the work being done at the Naya Ganj underground metro station, meanwhile, he instructed to keep the traffic system smooth.

District Magistrate Visakh G Iyer inspected the Nayaganj station of Kanpur Metro Rail Project on Friday. He reached the Nayaganj metro station of the underground section. During this, the Metro officials informed the DM about the construction work of Chunniganj to Nayaganj underground section. The DM inspected the work by visiting different floors of the underground station.

65% excavation done on roof and concourse

Officials said that the work of casting roof slabs and concourses is being done at Nayaganj metro station. 65 per cent casting has been completed at the roof level. 20 per cent of the casting work on Concourse has been completed. 65 per cent excavation has been done on both the roof and the concourse. Excavation work has also started at the platform level from this month.

work like this

The process of construction with a top-down system first begins with the casting of the roof of the stations. After which the construction work is done at the concourse level and then at the platform level. Cut-outs are used to transport elevator machines and other equipment to the concourse and platform.

Paying attention to keeping the traffic system smooth

Officials said that they are not allowing traffic to be affected from the station under construction. For this only top-down system has been adopted. So that after the construction of the first floor starting from the road level, the barricading on the road can be reduced. After this, the construction work of the station below the road will continue and the movement of vehicles above will also continue smoothly.

4 km underground section

The Nayaganj metro station will be about 225 meters long and 22.3 meters wide. The construction of about 4 km long underground section between Chunniganj to Nayaganj under the first corridor of Kanpur Metro (IIT-Naubasta) is progressing at a brisk pace. Four underground metro stations are being constructed under this section namely Chunniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj.

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