Confusion Over Covid-19 Vaccination In Uttar Pradesh Unnao; Villagers Refused | The people of 6 villages refused to get the vaccine, said – if you get vaccinated, you will die; Some said – the original vaccine has been sold

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When the health department team goes to the village, it is also fought. However, due to lack of awareness, the villagers make strange excuses.

People of half a dozen villages of Safipur tehsil of Unnao have refused vaccination. While the team of Health Department is constantly trying to make people aware about the vaccine by roaming in the village. At the same time, the villagers are still trapped in the web of rumours. Villagers say that getting the vaccine causes fever and then the person dies. That’s why we are not getting the vaccine. Some villagers even made up astonishing excuses.

Team is roaming for vaccination

On Friday, 2 people team under the leadership of ANM went to vaccination in Sakhan Rajputan, Gaholi, Dadlaha, Khairi Chandela and Rooppur Chandela villages of Safipur tehsil area. These people also make the villagers aware about the Kovid vaccine. But due to no response from the villagers, the team returned to the health center. CHC superintendent Sharad Vaish, the booth for vaccination in CHC, said that people are being made aware through the village head, yet the villagers are not getting the vaccine.

The population of 15 to 17 thousand is of 6 villages.

The population of these 6 villages of Safipur tehsil is around 15 to 17 thousand. In such a situation, when the village head spoke to Jaichand Yadav of Geholi, he told that the villagers say that we do not have to die. It also causes fever. That’s what everyone has to say. Despite this, we are trying to make people aware. Pradhan Jaichand says that first we will get the vaccine, after which awareness will be created among the public, then the fear of these people will end.

Villagers said – we do not need it

Dilip, a local resident of Sakhan village, says that we do not need it right now. That’s why we haven’t got it. Anyway, we stay at home. Doesn’t go anywhere. Whereas Diwari says that when we people do not have any problem then what is the use of installing it. While Neeraj Kumar says that those who have got the vaccine. He is having fever. There is no treatment. If you go to the government hospital, no doctor listens. Bills of lakhs are made in private hospitals. We don’t have to die.

Strange excuses for not getting the vaccine

Mahavir of Gaholi village says that we will wear masks if we do not feel like we will not wear masks. If you die, you will go away. There should be no coercion. At the same time, Chhotelal of Geholi says that everyone says yes we are scared. It is learned that the original vaccine has been sold, now all that is coming is local. Although we have taken one dose but now we do not know when to take another. Will take it only when it is right.

BJP MLA said – Opposition has spread confusion

When Safipur BJP MLA Bambalal Diwakar was talked about on this matter, he took a jibe at the opposition. The MLA said that I only want to say that you must have seen the effect of the confusion which has been spread by the opposition. We are trying to make all the people of the Bharatiya Janata Party, all the people’s representatives of the party, all the people who are residents of the area, through the campaign of awareness.

Heads and local teachers will get the vaccine and will get the response

CHC Superintendent Safipur Sharad Vaish says that right now the villagers have got the illusion that due to vaccination, fever comes and death occurs. Whereas I want to make it clear that the people who died were not vaccinated. One issue right now is that most of the youth in the village are the pradhans. Now even people as young as 18 are getting the vaccine. When these principals or teachers teaching in local schools start vaccinating, it is expected that there will be a better response. At present there is a lack of awareness in the village.

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