Congress for ‘local quota’ in TTD board

The Congress has demanded nomination of local people in the coveted Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) Trust Board, names for which are expected any time.

Addressing the media here on Tuesday, party’s spokesperson D. Rambhupal Reddy said Tirupati locals should have a quota and the people of Rayalaseema at large should get priority in the trust board.

He was particular that people from Telangana should not get a berth this time, in view of the ‘hostile’ situation prevailing between the two States on issues pertaining to sharing of river water.

“I earnestly make this request to the State government on behalf of the people of Rayalaseema, the region which will become a desert due to the atrocious attitude of the upper riparian State of Telangana,” Mr. Reddy said.

Skewed ratio

Mr. Reddy said the previous board accommodated seven members from the neighbouring State, which, he alleged, was keen on picking up quarrels.

Referring to the G.O. No.405 issued in 2019 that pegged the quota on members from the various States on nomination to the TTD Board, he felt the ratio was skewed, expressing surprise on how Telangana could get seven against Andhra Pradesh’s eight. In the same vein, he wondered if Telangana had appointed anyone from its neighbouring state to its trust boards.


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