Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has said that he was never convinced of Sachin Tendulkar’s skills as a captain | Congress MP Tharoor said – Tendulkar may not have a strong team, but he himself was not a motive captain.

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  • Congress MP Shashi Tharoor Has Said That He Was Never Convinced Of Sachin Tendulkar’s Skills As A Captain

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Shashi Tharoor said that Sachin Tendulkar used to think a lot about his batting. This put additional pressure on them. Perhaps this is why he gave up the captaincy. -File

  • Shashi Tharoor said that when Sachin Tendulkar was handed the captaincy of the team, the results did not improve, it changed my opinion for him
  • Under Sachin’s captaincy, India won 43 out of 73 ODIs, while in 25 Tests, the team won only 9.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said that he was never convinced about the ability of Sachin Tendulkar as captain. He said that even though Tendulkar may not have a strong team, he himself was not a motive captain. Tharoor said this in an interview to a sports website.

The Congress MP said that when Sachin was not the captain of the team, he was very active. He used to fielding in slip and ran repeatedly to the captain, advising him. But when he himself got the chance to fulfill this responsibility, the results did not improve. This changed my opinion about Sachin.

Sachin used to think more about his batting: Tharoor

He further said that it was probably also because he had to think about his batting as well. Due to this pressure, he gave up the captaincy.

Sachin was made the captain in 1996

Sachin was given the captaincy of Team India in the year 1996. He captained the Indian team in 73 ODIs and 25 Tests. Under his captaincy, India could win only 23 of 73 ODIs and lost in 43. During this time his success rate was 35.07 percent. Apart from this, Team India won only 9 out of 25 Tests.

The 1999 tour of Australia was the worst under Tendulkar’s captaincy.

India’s tour of Australia in 1999 was the worst under Tendulkar’s captaincy. India lost the Test series 3–0 on that tour. Not only that, India also played a tri-series with Australia, Pakistan on that tour. In this, India had won only one match out of 14. After this, when he got a chance again, he had refused to take this responsibility.

100 international centuries of Sachin
Sachin has not been successful as a captain, but his records as a batsman are unmatched. He has played 200 Tests, 463 ODIs. In this he scored 15921 and 18426 runs. Sachin has 100 centuries by mixing both formats. He has 51 centuries in Tests and 49 in ODIs.


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