Congress’s “Warranty Has Expired”, Not In State To Give Any Guarantee: PM Modi

The Prime Minister also slammed the freebie culture in politics.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday came down heavily on the “guarantees” assured by Congress if voted to power in Karnataka, and said that the “warranty” of the party has expired and it is not in a state where it can give any guarantee.

“I urge the youth that those who try to fool you by distributing freebies, you should think about your bright future and the future of your generations.,” he said.

Referring to the condition of people in Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan where Congress is in power, the Prime Minister stated the people are still awaiting for the fulfilment of the party’s promises in Congress-ruled states.

“The people of Himachal and Rajasthan are waiting for Congress to fulfil its guarantees. Congress means a guarantee of lies, Congress means a guarantee of corruption. Congress means a guarantee of the dynasty. Congress is in that state where they cannot give any guarantee. And their warranty has also expired…” he said.

Notably, Congress has guaranteed to provide Rs 2,000 per month to the female heads of all families in Karnataka if the party is voted to power. It has also guaranteed 200 units of free electricity to all households.

The Prime Minister also slammed the freebie culture in politics and said that some political parties are resorting to this method to gain power.

“Some political parties have made politics a medium of power and corruption. They are resorting to any method to gain power. They do not care about the country’s future, future generations, and the people of Karnataka. Due to freebie politics, many states are spending so much for their political points, they are getting drowned in debt. The country and the government do not run like this,” he said.

PM Modi stressed that the government in power has to think not only about the present but also about the future while governing and said that the BJP is working in the direction to make India developed.

“The government has to think about the future along with the present. The BJP is not working on shortcuts but on the making of a developed India. We do not think for the five years (of governance) but we think for the country. Every possible help is being given to the poor families to tackle the immediate challenges,” the Prime Minister said.

Outlining the assistance given to the countrymen by the Centre during the COVID period including free vaccines, PM Modi said that it was necessary as it was aimed at saving lives.

“When there was a need during COVID, we gave free vaccines to the country because we had to save lives. But if we have to take the country forward, we have to get rid of the freebie culture. The BJP government is investing in modern digital, physical, and social infrastructure which will also benefit future generations,” he said.

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