Contract changed, but the way of work: the work of the cleaning worker even from the children

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JabalpurMoments before

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  • There was a stir, there was a hurdle between the cleaning contractors as well

The municipal corporation has given the task of cleaning the contracted wards to 5 committees. This is causing a mutual dispute between the old contractors and the new contractors. Old contractors are trying to stop new contractors from working and due to this new contractors are not getting clean workers.

This is the reason that in some wards, the contractors are making the children work. Videos of some such children have been sent to the Corporate Commissioner. In many zones, work has come on track, but some are going on in dispute and if this happens then the corporation will have to face trouble in the coming time.

The municipal corporation awarded contracts to different committees to prevent the same person from doing the cleaning work, so that the same person could not blackmail the corporation through strike etc. This has happened before and now the corporation officials do not want this to happen again.

Now that the committees have started work, they are not getting sweepers in many zones, because the old contractors have withheld several months’ salary of the sweepers so that they are not able to get into new contracts. Fake of verification is now being exposed

Shashikant Rana of Mahadalit Confederation said that even in other wards including Zone Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4, contractors are not getting skilled sanitation workers so that they are getting children and laborers working. These contractors had even exposed the laborers at the time of verification, but the laborers are no longer able to work.

Children were found working in Garha and Dhanwantari Nagar, videos of which have been made and sent to the corporator.

It is true that the contractors are having problems with the employees, but all this is the result of their mutual fight. In most of the wards, the sanitation system is back on track and will work fast in the coming time. Action will be taken if there is a complaint from children and laborers about getting work done.
-Bhupendra Singh Health Officer Municipal Corporation


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