Control of independents; BJP gains, SP losses | Control of independents; BJP gains, SP losses

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Jhansi14 minutes ago

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The upcoming panchayat election in Uttar Pradesh is being seen as the trailer for the next 2022 assembly election, in the district panchayat, the BJP benefited the most this time, while the SP lost. The BSP also lost one seat while independents dominated.

In the last panchayat election, the Samajwadi Party won unilaterally. Of the 24 members of the district panchayat, 16 belonged to the Samajwadi Party. Whereas, four members each belonged to Bharatiya Janata Party and Bahujan Samaj Party. Due to the absolute majority in the house, the SP had easily made its district panchayat president.

However, due to the government in the state in the last election, the circumstances were very favorable for the SP. The political equations have completely changed in this election. The results came till late Monday but the official announcement is yet to be made, where there is a dispute where BJP candidates are lost, there was a lot of controversy over Sakin seat and Khel R seat.

However, on the basis of the results, there are eight seats in the account of the Bharatiya Janata Party on the basis of that. The BJP has gained four seats. Whereas, SP suffered heavy losses. The SP has come down to 8 from 16 seats. The BSP also lost one seat. Only three members from the BSP’s account arrived at the district panchayat.

Independents showed considerable dominance. Independent candidates won five seats. However, among these are some faces who have contested elections from SP and BJP. Even after winning more seats in the District Panchayat, the BJP will have to look to independents. The same situation is with the SP as well. To make his district panchayat president, one also has to get the support of independents. The phase of manipulations has also started.

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