Control room with 100-member team set up to address technical issues of Dharani

As the operations of Dharani, the integrated land record management system portal, are stabilizing fast, the State government has opened a full-fledged control room in BRKR Bhavan, the temporary Secretariat complex for monitoring the processes and addressing complaints in real time.

A 100-member team of professionals has been exclusively created to address the technical issues while Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar himself is personally monitoring the functioning of the portal from time to time. The website registered 5.48 lakh views so far and 2,622 registrations, involving payment of fee of ₹7.7 crore were carried out in the first three days.

The Chief Secretary, accompanied by the officials of the Registration and Stamps Department, visited the control room to monitor the proceedings. He expressed satisfaction that the system had been stabilised. So far, 5,971 persons booked their slots while 6,239 persons made payment required for slot booking.

Mr. Somesh Kumar, who conducted a teleconference with District Collectors during the day, asked them to ensure that proceedings related to slots booked by the persons were completed the same day without fail. They were directed to take steps to utilise the Dharani portal effectively for conducting registrations/mutations in transparent and simple manner. There should be no scope for discretion to anyone and serious action would be initiated against those found negligent in discharging their duties, he said.

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