Controversial statement side effect: Vivek Agnihotri removed Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj from the film, saying – such people want to create violence

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Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has removed Yuvraj Singh’s father and actor Yograj Singh from his film ‘The Kashmir Files’. Vivek had chosen Yograj to play an important role in the film, whose shooting was scheduled to begin in March before the lockdown. The latest discussion is that Vivek has removed him from the film due to the recent statement made by Yograj Singh during the peasant movement.

Vivek wrote a letter to Yograj

Vivek said in a conversation- I had a long discussion with Yograj Singh. I cast her in an important role in my upcoming film, The Kashmir Files. I knew that he had a history of making controversial statements. Still I ignored it. Because I don’t mix art and artist often.

I always keep politics away from artists. But when I came to know about his speech, I was surprised. Because I cannot tolerate that someone talks about women in this way. It is not about any Hindu or Muslim woman. This is about the way in which women were spoken bad about.

He also tried disgusting and divisive natives. My film is on the genocide of minorities in Kashmir. I cannot choose anyone who tries to divide the society on the basis of religion. So I sent them a letter telling them that they are no longer part of my film.

‘I make a film to reveal the truth’

Vivek continued, “I make films that reveal the truth and I don’t want this human to be a part of this truth. Everything he said was disgusting and such people want to create violence.”

Yograj Singh, while supporting the peasant movement, used the word traitor for Hindus and said that he had slavery of the Mughals for 100 years. In his statement, he also used extremely objectionable language for women.

Yuvraj disassociates himself from father’s statement

Yuvraj Singh has distanced himself from the father’s statement. She shared a post on social media on Saturday (December 12) on her 39th birthday. In this, he described Yograj Singh’s statement as personal and said that he does not have the same ideology as his father. Yuvraj also said that he was deeply hurt by the statement given by his father.


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