Controversy over Punjabi film Boohe-Baariyan: FIR against actor, director-producer; SC society’s allegation – used wrong terminology

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Scene from Punjab movie Boohe Bariyan

In Punjab, whether the film is of Bollywood or Pollywood (Punjabi), issues related to caste and religion are increasing. A new controversy has arisen in Punjab over Neeru Bajwa’s film Boohe-Baariyan, released on September 15. Regarding the film, Ravidassia community said that it is a direct attack on them. Guru Ravidas Tiger Force has lodged an FIR against the actor-director and producer regarding the film.

FIR registered against the film

FIR registered against the film

Ravidasiya Samaj has said that in the film, a woman with her head bowed to the photo of Guru Ravidas ji has been shown sweeping and mopping the houses of the golden caste people and picking up cow dung. Not only this, vulgar language has also been used in the dialogues towards SC community in the film. They have been described as shoes for feet, which is highly objectionable.

Tiger Force chief Jassi Talhan objects to the film

Tiger Force chief Jassi Talhan objects to the film

Will not let the film run in theaters of Punjab
Jassi Tallan, head of Guru Ravidas Tiger Force, said that whoever wrote the story of the film and whoever directed it did not think even once about what he was going to do and make. He said that what is being shown and said in the film towards the SC community is highly objectionable.

The dialogue being said in the film is targeting SC community, they should be allowed to remain in the shoes of their feet and should not be made to sit on their heads. In the film, the woman walking with her head bowed to the photo of Shri Guru Ravidas Ji is shown to be a manual scavenger even today. Tallan said that the film shows will be stopped in theaters by taking along 52 groups of Punjab.

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