Controversy over Stokes not giving runout: Kohli argues with umpire; Former England captain von said – I would have been a third umpire, I would have given out

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  • IND Vs ENG 2nd ODI: Ben Stokes Survives A Close Run Out Call On Kuldeep’s Throw, Brought Controversy On Umpiring, Virat Kohli Opposes 3rd Umpire’s Decision Watch Video

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The umpiring has once again been questioned in the second ODI being played between India and England. During the England innings, a controversial case came up on the 5th ball of the 26th over. Ben Stokes took 2 runs after Bhuvneshwar Kumar hit the ball.

While completing the second run, Kuldeep Yadav threw to the stumps straight from mid-wicket. In the replays video, no part of Stokes’ bat was seen inside the crease. However, the third umpire gave the Benefit of Doubt Stokes and was not out. Former England captain Michael Vaughan posted on social media that if I was a third umpire, I would have definitely been out.

Third umpire gave benefit of doubt
The third umpire found that Stokes had a bat on the line. When the stumps were flattened and the light lit up, the upper part of the bat was on the line, inside the crease and the part of the bat attached to the ground. After the verdict, Kohli came on the pitch arguing with field umpire Nitin Menon that Stokes was out.

Kohli argued with the field umpire
Kohli told the movement of the bat at the crease with the hand that the upper part of the bat is nothing inside the crease. The lower part of the bat should be seen. Commentators Akash Chopra and Irfan Pathan also called him out. During this, he also talked about debating the soft signal rule of ICC.

Commentator Akash raised questions on soft signal
Akash said that when the third umpire asks the on-field umpire about the soft signal on other matters. Then why the soft signal was not taken from them here. There is considerable confusion on this rule. Akash said that this rule should not be in cricket.

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