Conversation: Deepak Dobriyal said – It was a big challenge to extract emotions in an atmosphere of fear, find expression

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Deepak Dobriyal, who started his career with ‘Omkara’, has left a memorable impression in many films including ‘Hindi Medium’, ‘Lal Kaptaan’, ‘Tanu Weds Manu-Returners’, ‘Angrezi Medium’. Deepak will soon be seen in his upcoming film ‘Afat-e-Ishq’, which will be released on the OTT platform. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Deepak has shared many things related to this film.

What were the challenging things during the shooting in lockdown?
It was just that there was an atmosphere of fear everywhere. The sanitizer bottle was also sanitized with another sanitizer bottle. Every man was looked at with suspicious eyes. Don’t know, have put on a mask, is spitting. Emotion had to be shown in such an atmosphere of fear. Many a times the conveyance did not come. Meaning, in such an atmosphere of fear, it was very challenging to extract emotions, find expressions.

Had also done a post in lockdown, which was discussed a lot?
Yes, that is what I sipped a lot. I have five-six friends, they are always surrounded by controversy. Everyone said that you never live in controversy. I said, let’s do something now. By doing this, jokingly talking to a friend was going on that the controversy has made a business of taking work. Get into the limelight by doing controversy. Well, there was a party going on, then I posted something. Actually, the reason behind it was an irritation because when a film is released for five years, after ten years, by putting photos of the same main stars, they tag them, then many notifications come from everywhere.

I said that if you are tagging us in so many places, then put at least one working still. But those who live on the poster, they are remembered, while no matter how well they have done in the middle, they are not remembered. No matter how poor work you have done, but if it is on the poster, then the same is visible. The way I look is to look good. But it is not enough that we should be forgotten. Put at least one working still. We would love it too. In this way, a point was made while talking about a surprise. But people gave so much love to that controversy that I was embarrassed. I thought that it should be deleted now, but people explained that people love you so much. Well, I held my ear that after today I will not post like this.

Do you think that a hundred percent of your talent has been used here?
Look, you can’t blame anyone else for this. You have to double your talent. Keep honing your talent, you will keep getting work. The work I am getting is related to my talent. I got everything that is in me. Yes, there are minor complaints. But, when you cannot change the whole system, then you have to change yourself. I believe that every actor should hone their craft, don’t depend on complaints. This will only benefit itself.

What was the experience of working with Neha and Amit different?
Great. Both are very dedicated actors. In this, every male actor has praised Neha. At first we only seem to be a model, but she is an amazing actress. So down to earth and dedicated to be surprised. I already know Amit Sial. The transformation he has made as an actor in the last five years is a surprise. He is impressive and gives strength. I relate to many actors, Amit is also among them. He has refined his art, it is his effect that today no one thinks of a series without Amit.

What other films are in your upcoming projects?
One is Goodluck Jerry and the other is Wolf. The edit of the wolf is in progress. We will talk about it in detail at the time of its promotion.

Which character has been the most creatively challenging so far?
Each character has a different challenge. In this way the challenge becomes new every time. Sometimes the challenge clicks very well, some click lightly. Each challenge depends on the character. Rest I try to do every role differently, everyone knows that. I don’t want to do the same thing. Different in Omkara, Lal was different in Captain, different in English medium and different in success.

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