Cops Among 12 Injured In Tripura Clashes

The clashes have disrupted life in Jampuijala and Takarjala, and the areas remain tense.


Twelve people have been injured in clashes between supporters of Tripura’s ruling BJP and Tipra Motha — the new party formed by  erstwhile royal Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarman — at the state’s Sepahijala district. Among the injured are several policemen, who were trying to bring the mob under control. Several two-wheelers have been vandalised and Rathindra Debbarma, the officer-in-charge of the Takarjala police station is among the injured.

All the injured have received medical treatment at the Takarjala Primary Health Center.

Tipra Motha workers have been accused of obstructing BJP workers from participating in a pre-scheduled event, which led to the clashes. There are counterclaims that outsiders affiliated with the BJP were responsible for causing disturbances in the region.

Takarjala MLA and Tipra Motha leader Biswajit Koloi has accused the BJP of bringing outsiders into the area and inciting violence that is harming the locals.

Mr Koloi also criticised the role of the police and the ruling party in the incident and alleged that everything was pre-planned.

The clashes have disrupted life in Jampuijala and Takarjala, and the areas remain tense. A large number of security forces have been deployed to prevent further escalation of violence.

The BJP had been conducting a campaign in the Takarjala and Jampuijala areas for the last few days, which was to end with a workers’ conference led by the party’s state president Rajib Bhattacharya.

The conference was to be held at the Bukruai Community Hall in Jampuijala block.

But Tipra Motha supporters allegedly obstructed BJP workers from reaching Takarjala and Jampuijala. Nine BJP workers sustained injuries in the altercation that followed.
The BJP state president said the party is bolstering its presence across the state ahead of the parliamentary election and the seats are meant as a gift for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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