Corona fight: Celebs like Satish Kaushik, Deepika Chikhaliya, who fought with Corona, heard the story, told which home remedies to control the disease

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14 minutes agoAuthor: Umesh Kumar Upadhyay

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No effective treatment of the corona epidemic has been discovered yet. On the basis of experience, someone tells something else. Dainik Bhaskar spoke to the stars who have once fought the war with Corona to find out about Corona. During this, he told how he recovered from this disease. How was his life affected due to this? What are the changes in routine after recovery from Corona? What special home remedies did Corona Negative come to? Read the objection of selected actors of film and TV …

Follow Break the Chain, then we will be corona free – Satish Kaushik

I, my eight-year-old daughter, and three servants, a total of five people at the house, were Corona positive. But my wife’s report came negative. During this time there was a lot of tension in the house. This was a very difficult time for my family. Because during this time I had to take care of everyone, including myself and my daughter. For the first time in life, there was so much trouble.

The daughter is going to start online classes from next week. Nevertheless, we continue to maintain social distancing. Hands are sanitizing. Let’s eat together. It is not present yet. That is why we are doing all the work ourselves. On April 13, Vanshika also celebrated my birthday. As a domestic remedy, he used to gargle by adding salt to hot water. Used to drink brew and take a stream. Also eat homemade food.

This time of one month was very rough. I will tell people to be safe, take care of your children. Because the second wave of corona is affecting children more. Hands should be sanitized every hour. Everyone should wear a mask. We should follow Break the Chain, only then we will be corona free.

These four-five things are very important, which should be done- Deepika Chikhaliya Topiwala

Symptoms are found differently in everyone who is having corona. Some have fever, some cough, some diarrhea and some have severe body pain. Perhaps the part of the body which is weak, affects it. It is according to the body. Well, someone who has corona eat more protein. Second, take more water and liquid things. I used to drink three liters of water and had one and a half liters of lemonade, moong water, juices and soup. In this way, at least four liters should go into the liquid body.

Third, complete rest. This is very important. If you want, do yoga asanas. Such as child pose, Brahmi Pranayama, Bhastrika Pranayama, Parvatasana, Pavan Asan such as sitting on the basic posture bed, in which the body does not suffer. This improves recovery. Fourth, consume hot substance. Eat anything hot. Eat hot water, hot soup, hot food. Do not eat fridge food and stale food.

I believe that you should stay away from the messages coming on social media. I myself have seen the message that people are dying here, there is no place in the hospital, medicine is not available. The thing may be right, but it is causing more fear. Negativity is increasing in us. Avoid negative situations. This significantly worsens the situation.

I personally feel that taking camphor smelts increases the amount of oxygen. I also benefited from hot water gargling and streaming. Taking a decoction, turmeric water and lemon water also made one feel comfortable. After my positive, my father-in-law, my husband and daughter have all become corona. So it makes sense to me that these four-five things are very important, which should be done.

Eat non-veg to increase strength: Himani Shivpuri

On the basis of personal experience, I was corona when people did not know much about this disease. Still don’t know that much. I was having fatigue, weakness and mild fever while shooting. When conducted the test, Corona turned out to be positive. Well, I was admitted to the hospital for a week. At that time it was very painful to stay in the hospital, because I could not meet my loved ones. Doctor-nurses also used to talk from a distance. There was an atmosphere of fear. Even after coming home, one week was separated from family. My food was also kept at the door.

There is a lot of weakness after this disease. When I went to the set after recovering, my four scenes were used. When she used to do a scene, she used to lie down immediately. It took about two months to recover from this. In order to increase the strength, he started walking slowly in the hospital and started pranayama.

I used to walk in the hospital when everyone was asleep at four and half past five in the morning. When I came home from the hospital, I had given such strong medicines that after eating them, I felt as if a heart attack was about to come. Due to this, acidity and blood pressure were also increased. I was afraid not to go back to the hospital. Well, thankfully the son looked into the room. According to my description, he gave the medicine of acidity. Then I went and rested.

Was doing domestic remedies from the beginning. In which Giloy used to take Ashwa Gandha. Special food should be kept right. At that time the taste of food is not known at all. Although I am a vegetarian, but to increase immunity, I started eating a little chicken and egg. People used to say that if you want to increase your strength, you will have to eat non-veg. So he also ate. Ginger, tea of ​​basil leaves, used to take hot water. Still drink turmeric water in the morning. I do yoga and pranayama. I am divertic, so it is very important to walk.

Seema Pahwa was made by making a bundle of celery and camphor

Nobody likes to be sick. He too is ill to be separated from his loved ones for 14 days and locked in a room. This time will be bad for everyone, because sitting alone are looking at the walls. Fighting the disease, the body is suffering, there is fever, eating medicine, its reaction is also taking place. These 14 days were very painful. But what to do, if the form of the disease is such then it will have to suffer.

I have come after spending 14 days in the hospital. Right now, I do not have enough strength to be able to return to the routine, because this disease is tiring. They are on such heavy doses that the body is not able to react well. It will take time. But I try to walk for 5 to 10 minutes a day. So she used to walk in the room. Breathing used to exercise. It made a difference. Now I will try to involve myself in an activity.

When he falls ill, he kicks hands and feet everywhere. People give whatever opinion they give. I did the same thing. Proper medicine has not been made yet. Along with taking the medicine given by the doctor, took kadha, green tea, hot water, etc. Took the stream three or four times a day. To get rich oxygen, celery and camphor were made and smelled. Apart from doctor’s medicines, all these home remedies are going on. In addition to drinking maximum hot water, add ginger, basil, celery, black pepper, cloves, etc., boil it well and make a decoction. Drink it three to four times a day.

Take a stream three to four times a day and gargle with warm water, it also benefits. The lighter you eat, the better. Because your activity is less. Eat homemade food. The more care you take, the quicker you will recover. With this, you will get the strength to fight against the disease. Yes, the oxygen level does not go down, for that keep making snort of celery and camphor, I have benefited from this.

The measures I took helped Corona understand that nothing could happen here – Gulki Joshi

Corona had a very fast attack on me and also made an impact. At that time I used to feel very tired. Had to go to the bathroom, she would hold the wall. Corona tried hard to make an impact, but I survived. The decoction we hear about or the doctors tell, they are all good. But if taken in the limit. It is not that drinking the decoction 50 times a day will cause the corona to run away. If you want to drink twice a day, drink twice. Other than that, keep your lungs strong.

Do yoga, exercise. Pay more attention to Pranayama. When I was corona, I used to do pranayama. It made me very relaxed. Because first the corona attacks the langs. Nothing will happen if the langs remain strong. Apart from this, take Vitimon-C at most. In this, take lemonade, orange or vitamin-C tablet, etc., which seems right. This is the best way to protect the entire system.

When I was corona positive, I did not take any unnecessary medication. Used to drink only hot water, decoction. Vitmin-C used to eat and do pranayam. After consuming it, in 15 days, Corona understood that nothing could happen here and he left.

Try not to eat heavy food, because by eating heavy food, all the blood and all the energy of the body goes into digesting it. please! Do not leave the house unless necessary. With this, you will be able to protect yourself and your family. From our Prime Minister to big celebrities, they are saying this with folded hands. Now people should understand.

The second wave in other countries came and went. Did not even know. But there is only one country, which is struggling with this disease. First just listening and coming in the news. Now this pandemic has reached you. Talking to people, every fourth person’s family has some or the other corona. Please stay home. Read books around the world, watch TV programs and online series. Talk to your family. Take care of your health, be happy, be cool.

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