Corona in the world: The rate of meeting patients has reduced by 50% in a month, but in the US, more than 1 lakh cases are being received every day.

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Photo is of Bolivia. Here crews cremated the dead bodies. All of them are angry with the Corona affected industry and are seeking help from the government.

There has been a drop of around 50% in the rate of coronation patients in the world. On 6 January, more than 8 lakh 45 thousand patients were found in the whole world, which decreased to 4 lakh 95 thousand on 6 February. There has also been a 20% drop in the speed of death. More than 15 thousand patients were dying every day in January. Now 10 to 13 thousand deaths are happening.

More than 1 lakh new corona patients are still being found in the US every day. On Saturday, more than 1 lakh 5 thousand people were found infected. The good thing is that it has declined compared to the previous. Till January, new cases were getting from 1.50 lakh to 2.25 lakh every day.

10.63 crore cases so far in the world
So far more than 10 crore 63 lakh 29 thousand people have been caught in the world. Among them, more than 7 crore 79 lakh 70 thousand patients have been cured. More than 23 lakh 18 thousand people have lost their lives. At present, there are 25.58 million patients who are undergoing treatment. Among them, the condition of about 1 lakh is critical.

World corona updates

  • China’s Drug Regulatory Authority has given conditional approval for the second Corona vaccine in the country. The vaccine named Coronavac was developed by Synovac Biotech. The company reported on Saturday that Coronavac has received approval for mass vaccination. On the other hand, China has promised 5 lakh doses of the vaccine as a support to Nepal. Its first shipment will be sent soon.
  • Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Nepal’s Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali over phone that his country would favor Nepal in the vaccine case. Meanwhile, Wang assured Nepal to give 5 lakh doses of the vaccine. Earlier in Kathmandu, it was said by the Embassy of China that Nepal would be given 3 lakh doses.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that China’s 2 vaccines were in advanced stage for emergency use. So far, the WHO only Fazir vaccine has received WHO approval. AstraZeneca of Britain and SK Bioscience of South Korea are also being assessed.
  • According to the WHO, 238 vaccines are being developed in the world. Of these, 63 are undergoing clinical trials in several countries. There are 16 vaccines underway in China. These are in different phases of the trial. More than 32 million people have been vaccinated in China so far. China has offered 10 million doses to poor countries, so that vaccination can start there in time.
  • India has approved the supply of 1 lakh doses to another close country Cambodia. Indian Embassy said on Saturday that Cambodia is an important partner of India. We are concerned about the health of the people here.

Top 10 countries, where most people have been infected so far


Infected The deaths Healed
America 27,519,636 473,528 17,268,517
India 10,827,170 155,028 10,521,409
Brazil 9,449,088 230,127 8,326,798
Russia 3,951,233 76,229 3,436,326
UK 3,911,573 111,264 1,862,645
France 3,296,747 78,603 231,549
Spain 2,971,914 61,386 N / A
Italy 2,611,659 90,618 2,091,923
Turkey 2,516,889 26577 2,404,416
Germany 2,277,600 61,741 2,020,900

(These figures are according to


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