Corona’s impact: 20 players of the team, including Olympic gold medalist, became delivery boys when earnings from the Games stopped

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  • 20 Players of the Team, Including Olympic Gold Medalist, Became Delivery Boys When The Games Stopped Earning

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Venezuelan swordsman Ruben Limardo.

The Kovid-19 epidemic has affected the lives of every person in the world. These include engineers, IT professionals, government and private employees, as well as players who have won gold medals in the Olympics. The situation is so bad that 20 members of the Venezuelan fencing team in Poland have become delivery boys. The same is also the case with a Netherlands cricketer.

Reuben Limardo, 35, is a member of Venezuela’s National Fencing team. But at the moment in Poland in his hometown of Loz, cycle food delivery. He is not alone, but 20 players of his team are doing the same thing. Recently, he told everyone about this new job. He said- ‘Now we are all delivery riders.

You can earn in your own way and this work is also similar to other work. 8 years ago he won a gold medal for his country at the London Olympics. He was then the second player to win an Olympic medal for Venezuela in the last 44 years. But the Kovid epidemic changed all that.

Reuben says’ we got very little money from Venezuela, because the situation there is bad. And the epidemic changed everything. There is no competition now. The Tokyo Olympics was also postponed for a year and sponsors say they will start the game next year. In this way, we are running our livelihood in this way. ‘ According to Reuben, he and the rest of the players are also practicing after being freed from work.

Wanted to play cricket, deliver food: Paul van Mieken

The same is the case with Netherlands cricketer Paul van Mieken, who has now become a food delivery boy for a livelihood after cricket came to a standstill due to Kovid. Paul Bowler is 27 years old and last played against Zimbabwe in June 2019. Expressing sorrow over his condition on social media, he wrote- ‘Cricket was to be played at this time, but I am sending packets of food to people’s homes this winter.

When things change in this way, it feels like a joke. Ha ha ha … keep laughing friends. ‘ Paul started this work in lockdown. Although he is disappointed with the postponement of the T20 World Cup, he still hopes that he will be able to return to the game if the circumstances change.

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